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Please let me know of any allergies before ordering.

GF indicated gluten free VE indicated vegan N indicates nuts and/or peanuts

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For info about Double Stacked Brownies, scroll down to bottom of page
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Choose your base



Gluten Free Brownie                 look for (GF) for toppings & extras

Vegan Brownie                          look for (VE) for toppings & extras

Vegan Blondie                           look for (VE) for toppings & extras

Giant Cookie £15

Vegan Giant Cookie £15          look for (VE) for toppings & extras



If you've chosen brownie or blondie, what size would you like?


9 inch square £15

Foil tray bake 30cm x 18cm £14

12 inch square £22


Now choose your favourite toppings from the following list!

3 toppings (+£3)

4 toppings (+£3.50)

5 toppings (+£4)


Cadbury chunks                                      Galaxy chunks (GF)

Munchies                                                 Magic Stars (GF)

Gold bar                                                   KitKat

Oreos (VE)                                               Terry's chocolate orange

Cadbury's flake (GF)

Mars Bar

Lotus Biscoff Biscuits (VE)

Bourbon Biscuit (VE)



Mint Aero Bubbles (GF)

Lindor Truffles


Haribo Mini Marshmallows (GF)

Galaxy Ripple (GF)

Galaxy Minstrels (GF)

Wispa Gold (GF)

Orange or Mint Matchmakers (GF)​

Kinder Bueno (n)

Reese's peanut butter cups (n) (GF)

Snickers (n) (GF)

Kinder Hippos (n)

Vegan GF Chocolate Buttons

Vegan Marshmallows (VE)

Raspberry Fry's Cream (VE)

Vegan Smarties (VE)

Vegan 'Malteasers' (VE)

Bournville chunks (VE)

Ferrero Rocher (+£2)

Fresh Strawberries (+£2)


Caramel (GF) (+£1)

Nutella (GF) (+£1)

Biscoff Spread (VE) (+£1)

Peanut Butter (VE)(GF) (+80p)

Bueno style spread (£1)


Any extras?

Personalised fondant message (VE) (GF) (+£1.50)

Gold Leaf (VE) (GF) (+£1.75)

Vanilla/chocolate/strawberry Buttercream (please ask for quote for your chosen bake)

Buttercream can be made vegan & gluten free

Double Stacked Brownie £30

Collage 2021-06-23 18_54_01.jpg
Collage 2021-06-23 18_54_37.jpg

My double stacked brownie is made up of 2 brownies, homemade caramel and a fudge topper weighing just over 3kg! This is definitely a show stopper for birthday and celebrations serving 15-20 people

Choose from 4-6 topping options from the list above. Gluten free option available